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Covering West Wickham (Cambs) and surrounding Villages, and Clare  (Suffolk) and surrounding Villages 

.....My name is Catherine

and I own Home Animal Care

I have always loved animals and therefore for me to
be lucky enough to be working with them each and every day,
it's a dream come true.

I started this company when it seemed I was the only person within my network of friends and family who they would trust to look after their own precious dogs and cats.
Owning dogs of my own I knew just how difficult it could be (if not impossible!) to find someone to look after them when we ourselves went away on holidays, or needed someone to walk our dogs during the day when we were at work.
Who do you trust - ?
It is a huge responsibility to hand over your precious family member to be looked after by a stranger, I know that having done so myself and worried endlessly leaving them in kennels for a week. I also didn't like the fact that they didn't have their own home comforts,   and of course their own familiar bed to sleep in.
I vowed never to leave them in those circumstances again. I therefore needed to find a solution to keeping my pets when left, in the way I would look after them myself......

I knew from speaking with friends and family that the ideal situation was for their pets to come to be either in a home environment whilst they were on their holidays, or in their own home whilst they were at work during the day.
It was simple really, and so I started to take in boarders into our home, living with us as a family, and of course being treated as part of our family for the time they were with us.

I started to walk friends dogs for them, feeding them where necessary, ensuring they had fresh water and food.
Most of all, these dogs and cats were so much happier in their own environment, so everyone was winning, the owners could relax wherever they were, knowing their pets were in safe hands.
My business seemed to grow very quickly through nothing other than word of mouth and hence Home Animal Care was born !

I am happy to, and of course insist, that I meet anyone whose pets I have dealings with, this is both for your comfort and reassurance as well as mine, and  you are more than welcome to take up any of my references.

For your peace of mind I come fully insured as a member of NARP (National Association of Registered Petsitters) whose members are fully inspected for their home environment suitability and pet awareness.

Feel free to contact me for any queries you may have or to book a visit to meet up with me to discuss your pet sitting/boarding requirements.

                  Hoping to see you and your pets soon


Please kindly send any email enquiries to homeanimalcare@hotmail.co.uk