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My name is Catherine and I own Home Animal Care.

I have always loved Animals and therefore for me to be lucky enough to be working with them each and every day, is a dream come true.

I started this Company first of all in Hertfordshire in 2003 when I was the only person within my network of friends and family whom they would trust to look after their own precious Animals.
Having had dogs all of my life I knew just how difficult it could be (if not impossible) to find someone to look after them when we ourselves went away on holidays.

Who can you trust?

It is a huge responsibility to hand over your precious family member to be looked after by a stranger, I know that having done so myself, and worried endlessly about leaving them in kennels. I also didn't like the fact that they didn't have their own home comforts.
I searched everywhere for somebody that could take care of my dogs in a home environment, but to no avail. I therefore needed to find a solution to keeping my pets when left, in the way I would look after them myself. That was when Home Animal Care was born.

I started to walk friends dogs for them, feeding them when necessary, ensuring they had fresh water etc. Most of all, these Dogs, Cats and small animals were so much happier in their own environment, so everyone was a winner, the owners could relax, knowing their pets were in safe hands.
My business seemed to grow very quickly through nothing other than word of mouth and it wasn't too long before I needed help and this was when my Sister Nichole joined the company. A couple of years later I moved to West Wickham in Cambridgeshire and Nichole moved 30 minutes away from me, to Clare in Suffolk. We now cover West Wickham and surrounding villages and Clare and surrounding villages, both Boarding Dogs in our homes and visiting Animals in their homes. We are happy to and of course insist on meeting all of our prospective clients both the Animal and Human kind before confirming any bookings.

For your peace of mind we are both fully insured and are Registered with Narps UK



Feel free to contact me for any queries you may have or to book a visit to meet up with me to discuss your pet sitting/boarding requirements.

Hoping to see you and your pets soon.








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